Out of steam????


We’re well into 2016 and some people are already calling 2016 “the worst year for movies”….

Now that might be a bit of an exaggeration,but the fact remains that Hollywood this year has seen more duds than hits and studios are having a tough time making profits like they used to.While companies like Disney have had a great year,others are still licking their wounds.Of course,if we look at the reasons here,the problem might be pretty apparent.

Cinematic Universes:


Ever since Marvel raked in the green with their cinematic universe,every studio is now following suit to create their own cinematic universe and make a shit ton of money out of it.The reasons are pretty obvious…Money out of merchandise,ads and so on.While Marvel had the monetary backing of Disney and some good movies to get to that position(It was after “The Avengers” that Marvel hit gold),others want to create their cineverse without giving good movies.

The easy example here would probably be Warner Bros’s DC Cinematic Universe.Despite all the crazy hype surrounding their movies,both “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad” received a drubbing from critics,with BvS hauling in only 800+ million dollars(Okay,that’s no small amount..but for the hype surrounding the film,a record breaking collection was expected).Then,we have Universal’s Monsters Universe with movies like “The Mummy” and “Creature From The Black Lagoon”.While they roped in a stellar case like Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johannsen,they already released a film under that universe “Dracula Untold” with Luke Evans and it was a dud.

Franchises,Remakes and Sequels:


This is nothing new.Hollywood does franchise movies and sequels on a yearly basis.Most of the time,they recover their cost(not remakes).But 2016 showed Hollywood that franchise movies aren’t the money spinners they once were.

Movies like “Zoolander 2″,”The Huntsman:Winter’s War” were pretty much dead on arrival.While movies like “TMNT:Out of the Shadows” killed any plans for the franchise moving forward.Of course,there is the sad story of the Divergent franchise with “Allegiant” tanking so heavily,Lionsgate scrapped plans for the last movie and planned to have a straight to video sequel and a planned TV series in the works.Even well received movies like “Star Trek:Beyond” didn’t rake in the money expected of it.

Then,of course,we had two high profile remakes this year in the form of “Ghostbusters” and “Ben-Hur”.Paul Feig’s female led reboot was mauled on the web from the get-go by fans who thought that Feig was ruining their childhood.Even though the movie was well-received by critics,the smear campaign ensured that Ghostbusters wouldn’t do that well.As for “Ben-Hur”…Sigh…Who thought that remaking a 1959 Oscar smash,11 awards no less,was a good idea?The 2016 film was received a savage reception from critics and moviegoers alike.

Just Good TV:


Many people have said it,but still,here it goes…We’re living in the age of Peak TV.Frankly,TV is providing the kind of entertainment that movies just can’t seem to nail down right now.Whereas 2016 is highly populated by superhero flicks and franchise movies,companies like Netflix,Amazon,HBO are experimenting with TV content in such a way that other networks are following suit.Hell,even the USA network,which wasn’t even on anyone’s radar,entered the game with the highly entertaining “Mr.Robot”.

And of course,there’s something for everyone.You want comedy?You got “Louie”,”Veep”,”Silicon Valley”,”Bojack Horseman”.Epics? “Game of Thrones”,”Vikings” have you covered.Superheroes? Take your pick from the CW’s Arrowverse or Marvel’s Netflix shows.Drama?Thriller?Musical?Sci-fi?Anything and everything,TV has it covered.Quality showrunners like Bryan Fuller,Shonda Rhimes and Greg Berlanti have been delivering good shows from a pretty early time.Also,companies like Netflix release their episodes in one day,encouraging binge-watching,and frankly,people love it.Hell,even Hollywood stars like Matthew McConaughey and Oscar Isaac released the power of TV with them having acted in “True Detective”(The excellent first season,not that shitty second season) and “Show Me a Hero”.Before,it was like “Which show to watch?”…Now,it’s pretty much “Which show to watch first?”.