iPhone 7 and others:The Highlights


Another year,Another great event from Apple.Apple unveiled a slew of new products at San Francisco today,with the launch of the highly expected iPhone 7 amongst other announcements.Let’s take a look,shall we?

iPhone 7:

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 today,which by design seems to be more like the 6s,but with a more rounded look.Instead of the usual color scheme,Apple is also releasing the iPhone 7 in two black variants:Matte and Glossy Black.Move aside,Rose Gold(or just,you know,pink),the Black iPhones look sexy as hell.Apple’s design has always been universally lauded,so there are no big changes on that front

On the technical side,the iPhone 7 is powered by the new A10 Fusion chip,which brings about 40 percent faster performance than the 6s and better battery life than the previous generations.Also,the rumors this year were bang on the buck,which were:

1.The removal of the headphone jack

2.A dual lens camera system,atleast for the iPhone 7 Plus model

3.The home button wasn’t totally removed.But instead,it’s graduated to a Force Touch system instead of the usual mechanical click.

The headphone jack removal was seen as a controversial decision on Apple’s part,which has been drawing fire even from it’s co-founder,Steve Wozniak.While they have a work-around for it,how this will affect the customers in the long run remain to be seen.

Also,this time,the iPhone 7 is IP67 certified-meaning the phone is water resistant.That’s something that might reduce fears a little.

The Camera:

The iPhone has always boasted the best camera system among smartphones.Even though rivals like Samsung,HTC and others try,Apple still beats them at this game.

While the normal variant will have a new 12MP camera from last year,it’s the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus that’s been garnering a lot of praise.The Plus will have a dual camera lens system that can work as one to create some crazy hi-res photos.Also,the dual camera system allows users to shoot Bokeh type photos,where the background of the object is blurred.Besides this,both phones have Optical Image Stabilization and the number of LED’s have increased,resulting in better light.Also,the front cam has been upgraded from 5MP to 7MP on the iPhone 7.



Remember about that workaround for the whole headphone jack fiasco I told about?This is one way of it:The Airpods.They’re pretty much Apple’s Earpods without the wires.They’re powered by a W1 Chip that provide 5 hours of listening time.They use infrared sensors to detect if the pods have been attached to the user’s ears.Besides this,Apple also provides wired Lighting earpods.

Apple Watch 2:


The company also unveiled the second generation of the Apple Watch,which is now aimed more towards regular customers and runners,unlike the first version which was aimed towards connoisseurs(I guess that experiment was a failure,judging from the announcements today).The Series 2 Watch is 50 percent more faster than it’s predecessor.The old line is also being kept and sold as a cheaper alternative.The Series 2 is also water proof upto 50 meters this time.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra:

Besides these,Apple also announced the next versions of their OS’s for phones and tablets,iOS 10.If you’ve been using the beta of it,you might know what to expect.It’s seems that Apple,in a rare move,is opening up to developers with Siri and apps like iMessage open to 3rd party devs.It’s a really left field move for the usually closed Apple,but a welcome one all the same.Besides that,you’ve got a renewed focus on the notification center and the usually bells and whistles.

Apple also announced macOS(ugh…that name.) Sierra signalling a change in naming convention after the OS X cycle.The biggest change here will probably be the integration of Siri in the Mac line,pretty much what Microsoft did with Cortana(Though Mac users already have Spotlight…Power users will always have Alfred….)Also,storage space seems to be a bit smarter here with useless files uploaded to iCloud,to clear up storage space.Other than that,there is improved focus on Continuity


Besides these major announcements,the other announcements that caught the eye would probably be Nintendo’s announcement of Super Mario Run for the iPhone and the fact that users can use the Apple Watch to spot Pokemon for the Pokemon Go game.