Happiness in this day and age is pretty hard to come by.We get lost in our fast paced lives doing our jobs,meeting deadlines,trying to stay sane……………that we forget that sometimes,you gotta enjoy the small things in life that are thrown your way.Those small moments are damn hard to spot sometimes.Sometimes,those moments might be right in front of your eyes and you still couldn’t have noticed it.Sometimes,those moments appear amidst a shitstorm that might be happening in your life.Sometimes,they might be a result of all the hard work you put in to achieve something(The what and how’s of it will not be said here,matey).If you ever notice those moments,take them in,enjoy them..You’ll never regret it.

My moment came yesterday around 6.00 PM.I was wandering around with some thoughts on my mind about my future and while I was doing that,I noticed the sky.Pitch black clouds were threatening to rain cats and dogs on our land.Some of them scurried back to their homes quickly,for fear that it might become a repeat of the November floods of 2015.Some of them walked without a care in the world.Some of them huddled under coffee shops eating fritters and drinking coffee,the best thing to do in that climate.I was wandering around on my mom’s scooter when the clouds broke.Like most others,I huddled under the safety of a shop waiting for the rain to cede..I don’t know what made my mind to say “Huh…..You used to like the rain..You would sing in the rain like it was nobody’s business….And now you’re taking shelter from it?”

I love rains.I’m the guy that goes “Rain,Rain,come again” while others go “Rain,Rain,go away”.But for the past few years,I’ve been ignoring the rains..Last year was a rainstorm that lead to floods,so that doesn’t count…So,when that thought ran in my mind,I could only think “That’s true”.I looked at the rain…It wasn’t crazy enough to uproot trees,but it wasn’t a drizzle either..My kind of rain…I decided to move under the rain and moved away from the coffee shop.The rain was just perfect..It was as if I was meeting an old friend after a long time.I couldn’t have gone a few miles when a sudden gust of wind started to blow.That combined with the rain can put all sorts of hurt on a guy riding without a raincoat and a helmet.So I parked my scooter and just stood there enjoying the rain..

I guess it’s in moments like this that the stuff we usually dismiss as mundane or irritating are actually pretty interesting.The chirping of the crickets,the sight of the rain against street lights,the sound of the rain,the flow of water on the road,people huddling under bridges and shops for protection,kids wanting to play in the rain,the plants soaking up the rain water,dogs running away from the rain.After a long time,I was at peace with myself.I forgot all about my problems,my grades,my future,my failures,my anger,my frustration.I forgot about it all for that particular duration……I hadn’t felt this way in a long time.I was just………..happy.

It was raining for about 30 minutes after which the rain went from strong to a drizzle.I didn’t want the rain to pass,but I guess all good things must come to an end.I wanted to write this post to say that,enjoy the small things in life.They’re worth it.