I’m writing this post based on something I heard during my 8th grade.I don’t even know what triggered my friend to say that,but ever since then,it had me thinking,

“It would be great if we had just one God……You know,everyone worships the same God.Just one religion….Think about it…There would be no fights,no killings,no stupid rituals,no silly pissing contests about whose God is the One”

He told that during a Maths class(cause,of course,all theological thoughts occur to us,when the class is just plain boring)ages ago.I didn’t give it much thought then or afterwards.Now,years later,this thought struck me(I wasn’t even studying,I was watching Gintama…..I could understand if I was watching Death Note…But,why should this thought come when I’m watching Gintama???).I could get why he said that.Being in India,you see people kill themselves over some religious dispute,one way or the other…Now,of course,you’ve got Cow vigilantes,IS,The National Liberation Front of Tripura,wars,man-slaughter……When viewed against this backdrop,his thought does seem like the logical choice……But,it wouldn’t be possible….And if by some chance it could be,the world would just be……….well,boring.

I’m pretty sure that this “One God,One Religion” world would resemble the world of that Christian Bale film,”Equilibrium” to an extent.Just a world with a singular mindset…Free of violence,anger,hatred,vengeance……Peaceful,Just,Sterile and just plain boring…..I mean,who would wanna live in a world like that??

Besides,the thought of every human on the planet accepting just one God can be stowed away as wishful thinking,at best.Even in the early days,everyone had their own way of worshiping their own Gods.You had the Greek pantheon,The Romans with their own Gods,then of course,the nature worshipers called as the Pagans.Even in just a particular religion,you have different sects of worshipers….

I’m a Christian,so as far as I know,we have the Roman Catholics,Protestants,The Pentecostal Sect…That’s not even counting others like Opus Dei,Russian Orthodox,Anglican….Then you got a million gods in Hinduism(That’s something you might’ve heard in Life of Pi…My friend confirmed the number is pretty close…Whew)..Then there are the Shia and the Sunni sects in Islam….This is even’t counting the other countless religions out there..And of course,some crazy beliefs such as,err,”You can see God during your orgasm”…..(What?It sounds ….See??You can’t even think of trying to pull all those disparate thoughts towards a single religion.

Besides,there’s the boring part of the whole “One God,One Religion” thing..Like I said,the whole world would be just sterile.If by some chance,the world did agree upon this,think of all the repercussions of that decision……..

Let’s list out the obvious casualties,shall we?

There wouldn’t be any weird holidays or you can take any holiday using some function as an excuse(Holidays are bloody important,after all).There wouldn’t be different sorts of cuisine to savor(FOOD!!).If the world had achieved a religious sterilization ages ago,we wouldn’t have had some of the best architectural feats of this world.St.Peter’s Basilica,Hagia Sophia,Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple etc….And frankly,without that bonding of religion and cultures,the world would have lost a lot of it’s color……

Life would just seem a bit lifeless….

“But,there are conflicts and terrorists arising because of it”,you say?Even if we don’t fight because of religion,we would find some stupid reason to beat the shit out of another guy.We’re humans.We’re programmed like that.We’re destined to do this shit till our deaths.

Thinking all of this,I went outside to run an errand for Mom.I was waiting to buy my stuff when the shop’s regular customer,a Hindu it seemed,wished the shop owner a Happy Bakrid and the shop owner reciprocated in kind.They were then joking about whether they would get the biriyani from the shop-owner and stuff like that.

“A world with just one God and one religion?”.

Thanks,but I’ll take this crazy world over a sterile utopia any day.