Caged Goddesses

There are times when the actions we do and the things we speak are so different that I wonder if we Indians might be the most hypocritical humans on the planet.On one hand,we worship women here as goddesses,we give them high praise in namesake..Hell,we even call our mother land “Bharat Mata”.But on the other side of the spectrum,violent crimes are being perpetrated against women on a daily…no,on an hourly basis,no rules have been established to ensure the safety of the victims,and any time the lady reports the crime at a police station,she is at the receiving end,being made fun of and subject to derogatory comments that pretty much destroy the tiny ounce of courage the girl had.And the public are none the wiser.

I am writing this post here after seeing the news of a woman in Delhi being stabbed to death 26 times.This after seeing news that a teacher in Tuticorin was killed before her wedding day a month ago,by a guy who apparently fell in love with the girl(One side psycho lover season,it is).Seeing all this,my mother asked me a question,”Maybe we should just carry a gun or a knife in our purse”.I could only nod in agreement.The fact that pissed me off most was the murder in Delhi happened in broad daylight.With the public in tow.One guy tried to stop the murder,but ran scared on seeing the knife.Another guy was watching the whole episode unfurl in front of his eyes from his bike,like it was a roadside attraction.No one bothered to help the poor lady in question.Should we even be asking the question,”What is wrong with our country?”,when we clearly know that the problem lies with us,and we are turning a blind eye to it?

Sure,there would be a protest every now and then,condemning the actions of the men in question.But that would die down within a week.The longest protest I’ve seen so far was probably in 2012,in response to the brutal rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey,who was then known as Nirbhaya to the general public.That went for nearly one and a half months.Even after that,no concrete resolution or law was passed for the safety of women in India.Just about every Tom,Dick and Harry rode the protest bandwagon during that time and gained some publicity.But there seemed to be no resolution in sight.This year saw some brutal murders as well,starting with the rape and murder of a Dalit woman in Kerala,to the daylight murders of Swathi and Francina in Chennai and Tuticorin. Jyoti’s parents hoped that their daughter’s story might bring down violence against women to a considerable women.But if these last 4 years are any indication,they only seemed to have gotten worse.

Haryana’s khap panchayats are infamous for the stringent rules they lay down for women.Their reason is simple.Women are respected as goddesses and they shouldn’t be defiled before their wedding.Well,newsflash people!Women don’t want to be respected as goddesses.All they want is to be treated like normal humans.They want to enjoy the same rights that men do.They want to walk the streets without fear of being harassed.They want to work in a place where there wouldn’t be any gender discrimination and they would enjoy equal pay.They want to live their life without being subject to stupid comments on their habits.Women want men to treat and respect them as women.

What’s the use of being a goddess if all the goddess can do is sit and stare at the world outside,while she is chained to her enclosure by others because they fear for her safety?