Dreams in your hands

It’s been a really long time since I posted anything on my blog.Commitments have been biting my ass and frankly,I’ve been finding no time to read even my usual sites.Now,I have found some time to write about something.Books…….There have been countless posts,quotes,videos etc about how books have enriched the lives of human beings and how people should make reading books a habit.Now,I don’t know if my post would be like that.Taking on a new habit,especially reading a book,is no easy task.It requires a lot of patience,love and understanding of the habit in question.So,this won’t be about “Read a book,your life will improve” or some stuff like that.

“Why even write this post?”,my inner voice asks.Eh,maybe it’s because I’m reading a great manga after a long time(Tokyo Ghoul:re) or the fact that Chetan Bhagat’s new book arrived yesterday at my doorstep(Thank you,Amazon Prime,thank you) and so far,it’s been a good read.His last book,Half Girlfriend,was a steaming piece of shit.I’m just relieved that One Indian Girl so far,has been relatively good(A review of it will come later).I don’t know why I’m writing this post,but I just want to make a tribute to the things that make our life seem less mundane.

Isn’t that what books do?Every book serves a different purpose.Some books are there to entertain you and make your routine life less boring.Some books provide ideas on how to succeed in this world.Some books give you encouragement,in case you ever feel down.Some books aim to please the lowest common denominator.Some books give you a glimpse of the life that your role model leads.All books serve a different purpose,but they serve a common goal.They give you a dream.

A dream to succeed,A dream to desire,A dream to work hard,A dream to escape away from all the madness,A dream to write stories,A dream to make it big…..Isn’t that what books do?Books are the collection of dreams that people have had over the ages.Some pleasant,some nightmarish,some crazy,some innovative,some so over the top that you’ll wish that you could live in that world instead of this one……They’re the dreams written by countless people so that everyone may enjoy and dream of a better world as well.

Neil Gaiman told “A book is like a dream in your hand”.Hence the title for this post.Like I said,this post will not be about telling people to read books.No one has ever achieved something like trying to make people to force to read(Except dictators,maybe….They don’t count).All I wanted to do was write a tribute to books in general.If by some chance,you did read this post(Emphasis on some chance,people) and this spurred to read a book(A man can dream,right?),then I might be happy that this post achieved something.