A Dangerous kind of crazy

You know,I never expected the run up to the US Presidential elections could generate fear in parts of the world other than the US of A.All this election craziness is making me miss Obama so much.All this warranted fear is of course caused by the antics of one man…Donald Trump.Unless you’ve been living under a rock,then there’s no way you couldn’t have known of Donald Trump.You know,the old guy who makes a fool out of himself every other day,makes some stupid hate comments,makes some statements about he’ll make “America white again”,has his own loyal fan following that doesn’t know what shit he can do…That guy.

I’ve seen in movies and books about “The American Dream”.How any citizen of the United States of America can be anything he wishes to be.(The Indian dream is a little different than this,but that’s a topic for another day).While I love the freedom that idea provides,that dream could prove to be a costly nightmare in the future.One need only look at the stuff he’s done so far and I can ask Trump supporters a good question,”Are you guys out of your meds???”.

Let’s see……”Make America White Again”(Let’s call it MAWA for now) and the whole wall incident.One hell of a way to start your campaign.I could understand if Trump was a pure-bred American….The guy is half-German,half-Scottish for Christ’s Sake!!!.And this in a year where “Black Lives Matter” ruled the roost as well.Considering all the prejudice that Afro-Americans have gone through,you’d think that they’d have some peace of mind in 2016.If anything,it only got worse with them being victims of shootouts and racial profiling.The thing that scares me most is that Trump’s MAWA campaign has so many followers.I guess it was to be expected.Americans are already feeling a bit disgruntled with immigrants taking plum jobs.Trump tapped into that vein and made them feel on top of the world.That he flip-flopped is another matter.It’s not new in India,but I expected better from America(Or maybe that’s just me).

Then,of course,all the shit he spews without a care in the world.Around the time Brexit happened,Trump said that it was good that Scotland chose to exit from the EU.Of course,Scotland actually voted to stay in the EU.This led to a roast from Samantha Bee and of course the highlight,David Tennant of “Doctor Who” and “Jessica Jones” fame reading some tweets that made a mockery of Trump.According to him,climate change is a conspiracy theory created by the Chinese to make US companies non-competitive…Wow……Once again,he flip-flopped when Ken Bone asked him about his stand on eco-friendly policies and he spewed some shit about “Clean Coal”,which is commercially unviable.(Whether he mentioned the process or he believes that there is something called Clean Coal will confuse me for eternity).And of course,the recently leaked tape where he made derogatory comments against women..Wasn’t that a damn fiasco?Women make about half the electorate there and he managed to piss them off in one stroke.

Trump promises to make America great again.Well,look at his track record.The guy’s applied for bankruptcy a whopping six times!!Not one,not two…Six!He’s somehow been escaping by applying under Chapter 11 bankruptcy,but the hard truth is the guy can’t keep his company together.How on Earth is he going to run the USA without bankrupting in the process and killing the rest of the world,while at it?The reason companies follow the US Presidential elections is that any major financial hit there,and the rest of the world falls like a house of cards.The financial crisis 0f 2008 stills lingers heavily,and Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office could only make things worse.

To be honest,this might be the first election where some people are scared of both candidates.Now,there are people who have valid reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton.Some say she doesn’t give a damn about the working class people.Some say she lacks conviction in certain issues.She hasn’t done anything even while in power and so on.They might be right.But between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,the latter seems like the lesser of the two evils.

A friend of mine said this for Donald Trump,”Maybe it’s time for the mavericks to take center stage”.Well,Trump is no maverick.He’s just a stupid old man with an incredibly lousy mouth and a ton of money.That he came this far is an achievement in and out of itself.An old man said this of Trump perfectly,”He’s the dangerous kind of crazy”.