Final Moments


12.30 PM

“Aw shit!!Still have one question left to finish!!Come on,you stupid hands,write faster!!!“,thought the student..Just this one exam and he will be free for some time..This will be his final paper as an engineering graduate.

12.50 PM

“Almost there!!Just a few more sentences..Brain of mine,don’t fail me now!!”,in the final moments of the exams,the student has a whirlwind of emotions trying to screw up the answer he is trying so hard to remember.

1.00 PM

*Announcement booming over the loud speaker*

“Invigilators!Now you can collect the answer booklets.”

Oy,you invigilator,come fast and pry this booklet out of my hands!!!

And the invigilator collects the booklet out of the student’s hand.

And it’s over….Four years of college life,over just like that.

1.05 PM

All those whirlwind of emotions that the student was experiencing just a few minutes ago,vanished like ripples in the water.Now only three thoughts occupy his mind.

Peace over the fact that four years of college life finally came to a close.

A certain pain over the loneliness that he will encounter after seeing his friends depart for the next few days..

And anxiety over the uncertain path that lay ahead of him..

1.10 PM

Now comes the goodbyes..

Some goodbyes are painful for this hopeless fool..

He wishes he had never become that close with them,for the void that occupied his heart was filled by these lovable idiots…and now,the void will be pitch black and empty,as it was before.

Some goodbyes make him wonder how his life would have been,if he had gotten closer with these acquaintances he knew.

Some goodbyes are silent,

For he still can’t muster the courage to speak what he feels..Words and thoughts fail him,as usual,even on this day.

Some goodbyes are just plain damn happy,like the goodbye he gave to his college.No more having to haggle over assignments,exams etc etc.

1.20 PM

The sun was merciless that day,showing off his might in a way,that might make you curse him for eons to come!

Some more goodbyes were exchanged when the student makes his way to the bus…Some customary,some a bit painful..

And he reached the bus and just sat like a tired Snorlax for some time..

The bus was filling up steadily,one at a time..With people he knew and people he couldn’t be bothered to care about.

After 10 minutes or so,the bus departed from the college grounds.

“Goodbye college,I hardly ever knew ya!!!”

1.45 PM

As the bus was making it’s stops,the student and his friends were chatting along the way,making fun at each other’s expense or just targeting one guy and making him the scapegoat.

Yes,the student thought..He will definitely miss this..

This friendly and witty banter,the fun they had at college,the frustrations,the pains,the longings,the pointless chatter..He will miss all of this.

2.30 PM

The student gets off at his stop and he sees the bus depart from there..

Once again,anxiety kicked in..

College’s over…What will do now??“,his mind quizzed.

His mind had been buzzing with that particular question for some time now..Not just his mind..His friends,his family,his relatives..Everyone had that damn question to ask,it seems.

He definitely didn’t have an answer for it now…And he thought it wise to not answer that particular question so soon..For he knew that some questions are meant to be answered after a long,hard time of thought..He knew that from experience.


For now,he just wanted to get home,have some food,get a hard-earned sleep and reminisce about all the things he did at college..

The path he would take,would not be decided for now..That question will be answered in another time and place.