When life is a show about the little things


When it comes to American sitcoms, most people in India might have watched either or all of the three: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Those are the shows that most guys would know..Some guys who know their shows a bit more might venture into Parks and Recreation, The Office or Silicon Valley.

I happen to have a friend who has watched pretty much every TV series under the sun.(He has a 1 TB external HDD filled just with TV shows, I kid you not). He’d brush away all those shows and say, “Seinfeld.No other sitcom can beat that. Period.”. I have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so far and I gave up on TBBT after a while. Most websites have also heaped lavish praise over Seinfeld. So I thought “Why not give it a shot?”.

So I thought “Why not give it a shot?”.

I can say this though..two seasons in, I can see why Seinfeld is considered one of the best TV shows of all time.

It is a situational comedy at it’s finest.

Seinfeld is a show about the most mundane aspects of our life. It finds the comedy and absurdity in them. Our protagonist here is a stand-up comedian who finds his best material from the mundane situations he’s caught up in.

Thing is, we can relate to their situations because most of them, they happen to us as well.

Case in point.


I can relate to these guys better than most.

These guys have your average everyday problems. Not able to do well at work, getting caught in some desperate situation, not able to feel confident(in Costanza’s case, mostly), not able to feel happy, money problems..and the list goes on and on.

I guess why I like Seinfeld is this.

It feels like life.

When people think of their fondest moments in life, more than the over-arching plot in their life, they usually look back at fond at the smaller and mundane things in life.

We, for the most part, don’t reminisce about our biggest achievements in life. No, we have this weird thing of remembering the small things that made our life a bit more memorable, than most others.

Yes, we cherish those big moments as we are supposed to, but don’t give much thought to the final moment that we worked hard for. Rather, we think back about the little things that happened during the journey to said moment in our life.

Because we worked for that outcome and it was expected that we don’t remember it as often??


Come to think of it, when we think back about the things that happened in our lives, it’s the most unexpected situations that spring to our mind in the first place.

Why though??

Because it wasn’t a part of our plan??

Or because it made our lives a little less monotonous??

Or was it that it, in some capacity, shaped us as humans??

Or was it because our brains are wired in a weird way that we remember these better than most memories??

Those were the thoughts that were running through my head, whenever Jerry does his stand-up skit to the public.

He makes fun out of the most mundane things that happened in his life..normal things like men crying, money problems and the like. And when you watch the show and think about it, you might go,”Huh, that actually makes sense.”

I guess that’s what I can take from Seinfeld.

Learn and take pleasure from all the smaller things in life…They are what shape you in the long run and make your life a little more interesting.