A Weeping Statue from a skeptic’s POV


The Weeping Statue Miracle

You might have heard of these “miracles” at one point of time in your life. You know what I’m talking about.

People come to the church to offer their prayers when all of a sudden, the statue starts weeping tears of blood from its eyes. People then consider this to be a sign of God and fervently give thanks to the Lord above. Apparently, this phenomenon is called as the Weeping Statue.

While I know for a fact that this whole thing is a practical impossibility, most Christians would disagree. Hell, if anything, I would be at the receiving end of a lecture for not believing in the sign of God or a curse to Hell for being a non-believer.

I thought to myself, “One day, I will get to see this myself!”.

And that day happened to be today.

Here I was thinking about what to do with the spare time I have, when all of a sudden, my mom comes in and says that our local church witnessed a miracle.

A miracle? What is it?

Blood flowed from the knees of the statue of Christ at our church”, said Mom.

Yes, it’s a rarity. Usually, it’s tears that flow from the statue, but here, it’s blood from the knees.

Mom, do you actually believe that stuff??It’s practically impossible!“.

Why not? Don’t you believe in God?“, asked Mom.

I do. It’s just that this whole weeping thing seems impossible and stupid…Besides, what’s the point of this whole weeping thing? What’s He trying to say?

Well, God’s showing to his people that he exists..and nothing’s impossible when it comes to God.“, said Mom.

See what I mean? I can’t prove a point to people without them throwing a,”It’s God, Stupid” argument in my face.

So, I fire up my dad’s old bike and speed along the dusty road to St.Jude’s Church. It was an uneventful journey.

I reached the church. While the church does serve as a landmark in the area, it wasn’t anything special to write about. So it was pretty surprising when a photographer for the local newspaper was already there, taking photos of the church and the statue.

I went inside and saw the statue. It was the same old statue of Jesus being nailed to the cross.

I didn’t notice anything different about it. Then I saw the knees.

There were trace marks of some liquid having flowed along the legs of the statue. Whether it was blood or something else, I couldn’t tell.

People were gathered there already, offering their prayers or just marveling at the wonder of the Lord.

I hadn’t prayed in a while, so I went down on my knees and did my usual prayer routine, which involves thanking the Lord and praying for whatever is bothering me at that point in time and ask for blessings for my friends and family.

Then I got to the meat of the matter.

Oh Lord, I’ve wanted to ask this of you…Let’s just say that blood did flow from your knees. Why?

What was the point of blood flowing from your knees? I mean, what were you trying to say to these people??

Not to sound cheeky and all, but are your knees buckling under the weight of our requests? Or are you trying to say that I’m disappointed in you all?

What’s the point of it?? If this blood thing is real, please give me an answer.

(Yes, I do pray like that. Don’t judge me for that.)

I gave my thanks to the Lord and left the church. People were still discussing how wonderful this miracle was.


I went home and there was Mom.

So, how was it?“, asked Mom.

Eh….I don’t know. It looked like some liquid trace marks were on the legs of the statue. It could have been anything.

Really??“, asked Mom.

I dunno…You know I don’t believe in stuff like this. Go see for yourself.

The day passed, but I couldn’t get it out of my head.

So I decided to write about the damn thing.

I looked up on Wikipedia for this weeping status phenomenon…Apparently, most of them were proven as fakes.

Score for common sense!

But apparently, there was one certified instance in Japan where the weeping of the statue, named Our Lady of Akita, was broadcast on national television.

That’s just fabulous.

Halfway through the post, Mom came from church…It’s her usual routine where she goes to church, a different one called as Holy Spirit Church, every Friday evening.

Went and saw the “miracle”, Mom?

Not yet. If I go and see it, who will cook for you and your dad?

Okay…Mom, this whole weeping statue thing must be a hoax. Most of them were proven to be fakes, Ma.

Really? Who would do such a thing?“, asked Mom.

Well, people do stupid stuff from time to time. However, there was one certified instance in Japan.”

“Ah ha! See, there is a miracle!”, said Mom.

“No one has been able to prove it’s a hoax is all, Ma!”

“Exactly! Because God works like that.”

But, but…

Ah, who am I kidding??There’s no way I would win this. I would push more into science and she could just say, “It’s God, stupid”. Simple as that.

Once again..Why God?Just, why??

I mean, what’s the point of weeping over spilt milk??

(P.S I’m sorry if there are no photos..I did try it.But the marks weren’t visible on the photos that I shot.)