My life with Ubuntu

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I’ve always been a Windows guy.

Not that I’m a fan of everything Windows. It’s just that I’ve been using Windows since 5th grade, that it feels familiar. I guess it’s more of a “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” situation, and I’m pretty sure most people out there feel the same way.

Besides, there was a time when I was a pretty hardcore gamer and Windows was the only OS that would support everything. Mac OS? Good luck getting most games in it..

Linux???Games run on Linux???Besides, Linux sucks!!!!

That was my train of thought 4 years ago, when I purchased my first (and still running) laptop, a HP Pavilion G6-2313 AX. It cost just 37000 rupees and had a decent configuration for gaming. A budget gaming machine, if you will.

It came with DOS, which meant I could install any OS that I see fit.

Like I said, I was a gamer at that time. So Windows it was. And not that puny old Windows 8, but the oh-so-awesome Windows 7 Ultimate!

I’ll be honest, this machine has taken every single task I’ve given it and for the most part, it goes like,”That’s the best you’ve got?”. It’s played Crysis 3, The Witcher 2, every Assassin’s Creed up to Unity. It took a beating and kept on ticking.

4 years later

Every game out there is liable to eat my laptop for breakfast, and frankly, I don’t feel like gaming anymore.

Windows 10 is good. It’s definitely a major improvement over whatever Windows 8 was. But I’m kinda getting bored with Windows.

So, I made a decision I thought I would never take.

Make Mine Linux.

I decided to go for a Linux OS as my primary OS…But there is the problem of choosing a good Linux Distribution or “Distro” for my laptop. After some thought, I zeroed in on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, LTS standing for Long Term Support.

So, I burned the OS setup in a USB drive and started installing it.

I still had a ton of movies, series and anime in my HDD and I didn’t want to lose that. So,I just formatted the drive that housed the main Windows OS files and set partition drives for swap and boot. (Trust me, I was just as confused as any normal guy would be.)

And the OS was installing…Until it reached a point where it had to install the boot-loader software called GRUB.

“GRUB could not be installed at /target.”…What the hell???

In case you’re wondering what that means, it means the OS is installed, but I would have no way of accessing it…Bummer.

I tried every thing under the sun..Nothing worked!

In a fit of rage, I slammed my hand on the laptop. Then, I composed myself and clicked on something on my touchpad, as a habit.

It seems I clicked on “New Partition Table”…This option allows users to create new partitions on the hard disk from scratch, meaning it has to erase all data.

All my data was gone in one fell swoop…All those series, those movies, those anime collections.



After cursing my carelessness, I composed myself and proceeded to install the OS again.

This time, though, it worked. My laptop was officially an Ubuntu laptop!

Now starts hell!

If you’ve bought a DOS laptop, then you might have experienced troubles acquiring the correct driver software for your laptop, without which the computer will not operate efficiently…In some cases, without said driver, stuff like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth won’t work at all.

Well, once again, I was staring at the end of driver hell as I had to search for a compatible graphics driver, a sound driver, and a Wireless driver for the most essential commodity of any laptop. Wi-Fi.

I was not to be fazed this time.No sirrey!!

I fired up Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” on repeat (Thank you, Edgar Wright, Thank you).

Let’s get this show on the road!!!

I first searched for the required Radeon Display Drivers for my laptop…Well, would you know it??AMD has no support for Radeon 7000 series graphics cards running Ubuntu 16.04…Just my luck.

But that’s one of the good things about Linux…Open Source software.

Seems like a repository called Oibaf has open source graphics drivers compatible with my graphics card. Cool!!

Next up,the Wi-Fi driver.

This one was a bit annoying, as I had to pull out all the stops, with all the tried and tested methods not working one bit.

Then, a blog called Onthim had the solution to my problem. He had the updated and patched version of the drivers required for my system’s Wi-Fi to work.

Wi-Fi works as well!!Swell. After that, it was a matter of minutes in setting up the computer.

So, how is Ubuntu holding up?

I like it!!

The fact that I can install anything from the Command Line Interface makes life so easy!

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While it can be something of a pain in the arse to memorise the commands, they’re worth it in the long run.

Any problem or error plaguing you or any app that doesn’t support Linux??No prob!! The developer community for Linux is so strong that any problem you have always has a workaround.

It’s more snappy and fast than when I used Windows 10…and everyone knows that Linux is mostly malware-free, so no worries about that either.

But hey, I’m in the honeymoon phase of the relationship with my OS.

Let’s see how it pans out!

(P.S The guy in the wall paper is Marvel’s Moon Knight…Looks cool,doesn’t he??)


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  1. At least Ubunto is more user friendly then debian. Im assuming anyway. I couldn’t download any other distro besides debian since my dell is old. Runs pretty good though.

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