The weird power of Nostalgia


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard of the ruckus caused by Microsoft and the collective conscience of the internet. Microsoft decided to do away with it’s age old application Paint, with the next update and make way for it’s newer sibling, Paint 3D.

The reaction that the people gave for that news was something even Microsoft hadn’t anticipated in the least.

“Microsoft, why you ruin my childhood??”

“MS Paint FTW!!”

“I Love MS Paint!”

“Why you no remove Internet Explorer instead of Paint?”

(Okay, that last point seemed damn valid. MS just wouldn’t retire that piece of shit, no matter how much we seem to ignore it or pretend it even exists in the first place.)

And of course, owing to the huge outpouring from the collective conscience of the Internet, Microsoft decided to retain Paint…Sort of. Now, it will serve as a downloadable application on the Windows Store. (Also another thing that no one uses, but Microsoft is trying it’s damnedest to make it work…Smart move, Microsoft, smart move.)

Here’s the thing that buggers me the most.

No one uses Paint anymore. 


When it comes to computer applications, there are mostly two extremes.

One end of the spectrum is filled with applications that are absolutely necessary, the things that you can’t live without, the apple of your eyes, the heart of your PC blah blah blah. Usually, this space is occupied by MS Office or it’s variants, an e-mail client, Facebook or whatever their personal preferences.

The other end of the spectrum consists of apps that people would love to see it burned to hell or given a swift death or subjected to Chinese water torture. Usually, this space is occupied by the current champion and still running, Internet Explorer. (In case you haven’t noticed, I hate that piece of crap.) 

Then there is the middle part of the spectrum that MS Paint occupies. 

No one hates it, but no one deems it absolutely necessary either. Maybe it was for a time, but not now. I can assure you that most people wouldn’t have known that MS Paint was even in their PCs until this whole brouhaha.

It’s an inoffensive little app. Most people would have had their start with computers with Paint, they might have doodled on it a bit, but that’s it. Paint is then relegated to the “Oh man, I forgot you were even there” category of apps.

So, I can’t fault Microsoft for trying to do away with Paint. After all, there’s Paint 3D now.


You can do a whole lot of stuff with Paint 3D than ever possible.

But but…It’s MS Paint!!

So???No one uses it!!!!

Most of the pros use Adobe apps for their whole creative work, or if they’re an Apple fan, there’s always Final Cut Pro.

So what purpose does it serve??

Then a voice inside me whacked my mind with a rubber duck and said this.

“It’s the nostalgic factor, stupid!!”

Of course.

Nostalgia. That old chestnut.


Nostalgia – a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.

According to the Merriam – Webster Dictionary.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times where I appreciate the value of nostalgia and the part it plays in human emotions. But for the most part,when I see something that should have stayed dead or buried six feet under the beaches of Omaha,brought back to life with all the pomp and ceremony awarded to a new-born baby, my mind goes,



Now there have been some instances of nostalgia used to a good effect, like Netflix’s Stranger Things, what with it’s soundtrack and whole story-telling effect.

That’s what nostalgia should be used for.

A small device to remind people of the past that once was, not the whole goddamn reason for something way past it’s time to still exist!! 

If nostalgia had it’s way, we’d be still driving old fashioned steam locomotives that belched out smoke like there’s no tomorrow and we’d be saying our goodbyes to that old friend of ours, the Ozone layer, faster than expected.

We’d still be using the old fashioned method of sending a letter or a telegram to get a message across the Pacific a month after it was sent, instead of Skype and Facebook and what-not.

We’d still be watching movies and serials in black and white instead of viewing it in glorious colours. (Some say there’s a novelty in watching things in black and white, but I digress)

God forbid…

We’d still be using that demon from the abyss, that cursed monster of Hades, the devil incarnate…




Because nostalgia, silly!!!!


Seriously though, this whole nostalgia bullshit has to stop somewhere.

There’s a reason some things end. Because, they’ve served their purpose and now there’s something better.

Clinging on to something just because it reminds you of your long lost childhood, even when it serves no purpose and even if it means spending a shit ton of your money and energy over it, just sounds plain crazy. 

(It’s a totally different matter if you’re a billionaire though. You can indulge in all the nostalgia you’d ever want.)

But then again, that’s just me.

Maybe there will come a time when people petition to not remove IE whatever version that Microsoft intends to remove (Finally!!) because it reminded them of how shitty internet browsing used to be.

Now that would be something worth watching.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to listening to the wonderful soundtrack of Undertale.

Since hearing it fills me with




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