From Clueless to Lazy: The Observations of a Lazy Nerd

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I guess I’m not clueless any more. Or I’m done being the clueless blogger.

It’s being buzzing in my head for ages past. That eternal fly in my ear.

What am I really good at?

I took a mental list of what I was really good at.

Dishing out self-advice? Ha, don’t make me laugh!!”, snarked Mini-me.

Writing? Average at best.”, snarked Mini-me.

Well, you can lift a bit, but you are no Arnold.”, snarked Mini-me.

Reading people’s emotions? Boy, you are the robot.“, snarked Mini-me.

Observing stuff? Well, you are kind of good at it.”, Mini-me stated as a matter of fact.


That’s something of a forte to me. I do find observations from even the most mundane thing possible.

But, that never nets me any readers or views!!!!

“Really, when have your posts ever went past the 5 likes or so?”, snarked Mini-me.

Not once really.

Well, that’s because you wrote the same shit that everyone wrote and you never put your whole heart into it.


So just write what you feel like. This is your only constructive way of venting out your thoughts to the world, isn’t it?

It is.

Well then, just keep writing. You have some vague path in your life. Who’s stopping you?

Likes and views?? Secondary.

I guess.

Then start writing, you big dumb galoot!!

But I can’t go by “cluelessblogger” anymore!!. I’m not clueless per se!!

Well, you observe stuff and it’s the truth that you are a nerd. A lazy one at that.

So, The Observations of a Lazy Nerd then.

Works fine by me.“, said Mini-me.

Well, it’s not the creation of a mind blowing book, but it’s somewhat close