What’s in a day, anyway??

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So, it’s Mother’s day today.

Oh, I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the countless posts on WhatsApp and Instagram where every one and their grandchild are lavishing praises about how blessed they are to have the best mom in their lives and that they will love them forever.

Yeah, we get it. Your mom is great, you love her. Everything is right and dandy. Fine.

You don’t have to put up a photo or a selfie with her to prove your everlasting adoration for your mother, which will last all of one day before it’s back to the usual bitching and whining.

Hell, even the woman who founded Mother’s Day to honor her mother wanted it to stop. That was during the 1940’s when wishes were in the form of chocolates and greeting cards.

I wonder how she would have reacted in this day and age where everyone wishes via a selfie and follows it up with a paragraph. Otherwise, the world would think less of them.



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Of course, today isn’t just Mother’s day.

It’s also Top Gun Day, International Bellydance Day, International Hummus Day(Why though??) and Frog Jumping Day among others.

Tomorrow is Chicken Dance Day and Accounting Day, and the day after that is Chocolate Chip day, Straw Hat day and Nylon Stockings day.(Once again, why??)

You can check this site here and knock yourself out cold, if you wish.

Point is, why are there countless days to celebrate something that doesn’t warrant celebration or awareness in the first place??

Those awareness days, I approve of. People need to know more about the flaws of this world so that they can contribute a helping hand instead of dismissing it as an aberration. They haven’t been a mockery yet, so they get a pass.

The other days though??

What is the actual point of Mothers’ day or Father’s day to the common guy?? To shower her with affection for one day?? Well, if you love her so much, then shouldn’t you be doing that every day?

What about chocolate chip day??Nylon Stockings day???

What’s the bloody point???



While I was having a nark about all these worthless days, I also had to lookup a pair of headphones for my brother. So, I checked up Amazon and lo and behold.

“Make her feel special on MOTHER’S DAY”, the starting page of Amazon greeted me with a smile. Of course.

Pink Color for the ads. Isn’t that kinda sexist these days, or is it just me??

Anyways, they had a discount for a lot of stuff and I clicked on the headphones section. Damn, if they weren’t the sweetest deals Amazon had to offer.

73% percent off on JBL headphones!! 40% percent off on Bose Headphones!!!

You know what?

Let there be Mother’s day, Father’s day and what ever this kooky world wishes.

Wait, day after tomorrow is Chocolate Chip Day……

Oh, sweet mercy!!!