Soup for the Wandering Soul

Have you ever encountered one of those days where you question the purpose of your existence and all you got was a empty thud in response?

It was one of those days for me on Friday.

I didn’t know why I was angry, frustrated or depressed. I really wasn’t sure for the reason behind my anger or frustration. What’s that word??

Ah, yes. I couldn’t put my nose on it. I guess it was going to be one of those days. I didn’t even know who to talk about this to.

Of course, my anger quickly segued into depression. I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the most annoying thing ever. I didn’t know what my problem was. How would I even explain it to someone?

To anyone??

Of course, I had a ticket for a stand-up comedy show at some fancy pants hotel. I didn’t care much for the hotel, or the bar where said show was taking place.

So, I decided to go in my usual black turtle neck and jeans. Of course, the depression, while it had subsided, was still clinging on to me like a damned parasite.

I reached the bar called “Steam and Whistles“, which was purporting itself to be some kind of steampunk inspired jaunt. It looked like any other bar would, save for one or two arrangements

I decided to sit at the back of the bar, even though my seat was in front. I will enjoy the show from a distance, thank you very much.

The show started and the opening act was pretty good.

A thing about these guys, Sharath and Sudarsan a.k.a Soda. They’re not very famous stand up comedians in Chennai. They were making a name for themselves in the stand up scene.

Sharath (red shirt) has a job and does stand up part time, while Soda (black shirt & I guess it’s his stage name?) started doing full time stand-up comedy from last year.

While I was new to stand-up comedy, I had seen enough Seinfeld to know that a good stand-up routine depends on how the guy can spin his life and his observations to the audience.

Both of them did a good job of that. Sure, there were some jokes that fell flat, but then again, not every joke can be a winner.

Even while I was laughing at those jokes, I did notice that Soda was more of the self-deprecating humour type of guy. I have to say, I applaud his balls to do what he loves.

Ah, primer for those not in India. Any job other than a banker, doctor or some form of engineer will be looked at weirdly or looked down by those old idiots that the world has collectively termed “Society”.

So the fact that this guy is even doing this is a big enough thing for me.

I did say about the self-deprecating thing, didn’t I?

He’s obviously had some bad times, which was pretty evident in his comedy. But here he was, making fun of that same old problems he faced time and again.

As time passed, that jiminy cricket that was singing a sad tune in my mind was drowned out by the laughs.

I guess that was what I needed that day.

Every life has this problem, I guess. And every one has their own way of coping with it.

Then, my mind was clear on why I was feeling that way.

My life was inertia, personified. No forward momentum or obstacle. It was….static.

My mind was still groping for an answer, with no light sign to guide it.

And this led to my anger.

My friend described my condition as a lull.

Let it pass, Jamie“, said she.

I will. In time.