Star Wars, Hate Wars

Recently, I’ve been seeing posts about celebrities and directors telling Star Wars fans to calm down. All of this was in response to the vitriol poured by the fans as a response to “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

I did see the movie and it was okay. Neither great like the press hyped it to be not was it the unsalvageable piece of trash that most fans were ripping it apart to be. I’d give it a 7 on a scale of 10.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned following pop culture, it’s this.

Never, ever piss off a Star Wars fan.

Recent events have just bolstered that claim. Just look at stars like Kelly Marie Tran who had to delete her Instagram account following a shit ton of harassment for her role in TLJ. Fan backlash has always been prevalent. Especially for franchises as storied as Star Wars.

But the arrival of the Internet gave it a new backbone that no one asked for.It also raises a pertinent question.

To whom does a franchise belong? The creator or the fans who made it what it is?

While I can understand why most fans would be pissed, (Since when has fuel played a major role in Star Wars? The Casino sub-plot was superfluous bullshit), it really didn’t warrant the kind of hate that would be reserved for the Nazis.

The whole “creator vs fans” argument isn’t exactly new. Any time a new work in a franchise comes out, most fans would think how better they could have done it. This usually manifests in the form of fan fics or art.

Most franchises have some kind of harmony about them. You have the official stuff and the people who want the fan stuff. Even if something bad happens, most of them will support it.

Not Star Wars though.

Star Wars does occupy a unique place even among other franchises. Not the good kind of unique, mind you.

They had a whole Expanded universe that was swept under the rug post Disney. Having to direct a Star Wars movie must be some work, what with all the expectations and the sharpened carbon blades ready for the killing. God save the guy who fucked it up spectacularly.

Most of their fans would shred an actor or director to bits if they so much as sullied their franchise. Just ask Ahmed Best, Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen and now, Rian Johnson.

This kind of hate results in some things like no good director touching their franchise for fear of getting ripped apart and clearly no room for experimentation. All you would get is the same old movie.

Also all that bullying pushes said actors into depression and suicide. Not that most fans would mind, I guess.

Resulting in a franchise that would appeal to fans alone and no else. Even that would fade in some time, leaving the once venerable franchise into a dry husk of it’s former glory.

And here I’m going to sound like an asshole, but if your self worth is measured by how much a movie means to you, then you sir, need some serious introspection.