Loneliness, Craziness, Imaginary Readers

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Mind Awake, Body Asleep“.

Mind Awake, Body Asleep“.

Oh. Hi there.

Yeah, I’m talking to you. My reader.

Can I let you in on a secret? Can I trust you first of all?

I don’t care about the trust part, I guess. You see, I’ve been watching Mr.Robot for a while and it’s all about hacking and stuff, it’s also about loneliness.

You must have seen Fight Club. That movie where a guy befriends this anarchic soap-seller who brings about destruction, but the soap-seller was a figment of the guy’s imagination itself? That concept stretched out to 3 seasons of good ol’ TV.

It got me wondering. Can loneliness lead to the creation of a split personality? A part of you repressed, waiting to be awakened? Can you tell me, reader?

Of course, you won’t answer.

For all I know, you may be a figment of my imagination. That like that pops up for any blog post could be a figment of my imagination too.


I’ve seen it in many people. Lonely people slowly losing their sense of this world, one second at a time. Some fight a valiant battle, while some stare at the altar of defeat and take an extreme decision.

Then there are guys like me who don’t mind the loneliness for the most part. Is it normal, reader? Is it normal to not be mindful of your loneliness? How do you deal with such a situation, reader?

Of course, that leads me to the second part of the title. Craziness.

Is loneliness that unbearable to people, reader? Am I the one of the few who aren’t tortured by it’s elongated existence in our lives? Or am I an outlier in this case as well?

Have I already become crazy?

I must be. I mean, I do a stuff alone and I don’t mind it. I don’t mind the silence of my surroundings. I don’t mind the fact that I can’t hold a conversation with a complete stranger and that I bolt like a coward.

People do everything in their power to not be lonely, and here I am doing nothing to tackle my inherent loneliness.

I’m content with being lonely. That’s not normal, is it, reader?

Of course, you won’t answer.


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Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

But then again, that’s always been me. Reading too much into stuff.

Searching for answers to questions that don’t have one. Even if it did, that answer would have a million different meanings, which would have a different set of questions, which would lead to another set of questions.

A black hole.

Maybe that’s why some people go crazy. They want answers to questions that they’ve been asking. Questions like

Why can’t I make friends?” or “Why can’t I be normal like everyone else?“.

In the event of said questions giving a null value or giving a corrupt value, the person in question becomes corrupt. Crazy, if you will. That’s just one theory that I speculate. It may even be unadulterated bullshit.

I wouldn’t know. I’m not a award-winning psychiatrist.

I asked questions like that and I would get a NULL or gibberish, which could be answer encrypted to like gibberish or just plain, old garbage. I never bothered with the gibberish.

Too much work to decrypt what could turn out to be something of little significance or just plain garbage. I just leave it be. Life seems easier that way.

Is loneliness that bad?

Wouldn’t you have an answer to this, reader? Who am I kidding? You might as well be a figment of my imagination.

Of course, you wouldn’t answer.