Graveyard Shift

The Observations of a Lazy Nerd

Awake stays the nocturnal animal

Gazing fixatedly at a screen he has no interest in

But gazing at the screen is his job; a paycheck he earns for that

Boredom haunts the mansion of his mind; he knows why

But no recourse is there for the boredom to be exorcised; he knows not why

He would wish to find out a way; out of boredom’s reach

“0”, flashed the number on the screen; the number of errors encountered

There was a time that the number was anything but zero

But ages have passed since that time; he would know

A part of his mind wished for something to break, an excuse if you will

Anything, anything to put boredom in it’s place

A stern warning, a mighty blow, a fair putdown; anything

Awake stays the nocturnal animal

Typing out the report for the day, for there will always be reports

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