First Love

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Image courtesy: Wave Music

He still remembers the first time he saw her; most people do

A slight flutter in his heart and an invisible voice dictating his actions

As was par for the case; this was first love after all

“She be the one”, his inner Enrique decided; nary a thought else

He couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to, nor did he want to

For first love decides without the mind’s consent, most of the time

He still remembers the time he proposed to her; most people do

A whirlwind of conflicting emotions in his heart stirred in him

“Will she?, won’t she?”, the mind plays tricks like this

“Yes” was all it took for him to fly to the moon, figuratively

He was in a state of bliss; a bliss that he didn’t want to end

For first love rarely takes stock of reality; a wonder if it did

He still remembers the time they broke up; most people do

A series of fights here, a series of doubts there

A clash of the egos disguised as jealousy everywhere; most of the time

He never reflected upon the time; to him they were passing clouds

A mixture of harmones, immature decisions and bad fights; most of the time

For first love is precisely that to the eyes of an outsider; one who never had it