Ways to use your old phone

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You’ve saved up the money for a brand new iPhone or an Android phone, you’ve waited for days for this and finally, the day hath arrive. You have a spanking new phone that you will proceed to take care like a newborn infant for all of one month, before tossing it around like a kitchen utensil.

But what about your old phone?

Yeah, the phone that was just replaced without a second thought. The one that you decided to give to your mom and dad, but they didn’t want it because they have a better phone and/or are comfortable with it. The phone that was just shunned like an outcast seeking asylum. The phone that is crying because you decided to cheat on it with a better model (Okay, it doesn’t get that dramatic).

Well, there are some ways you can put that phone to good use. The results may vary depending on the mileage of your phone.

1. Exchange or Sell

Now, this might have been the first thought that must have entered your mind when and if you are planning to buy a new phone. Exchanging your old phone for your new phone seems like a good option to use, until you realize that the exchange rates for most phones are crappy as all hell. 

While iPhones have decent exchange rates, the same can’t be said of any mid-range or entry level Android phone on the market. They usually have pretty low exchange rates, making the discount on your new phone very much minuscule. Even if your old phone was a flagship in it’s heyday, the exchange or selling price won’t amount to much. 

This is an option for people who don’t want too much electronic junk percolating in their house.

2. A backup phone

It’s very much relaxing to know that you have a backup phone in the event that your new phone just took the fall of it’s life or a virus screwed your phone six ways to Sunday. That old phone that you just tossed aside like a ragged old toy will come in handy during these kind of situations.

But of course, for that phone to be usable, you have to charge it regularly or else the battery life will go down significantly making it nearly useless. Just think of it as one more thing to be charged alongside your phone, tablet, laptop and what have you.

“But the phone is slow! The software is too laggy”, you might say. Well, if that’s the case, you can always trust the world of custom ROMs when it comes to the Android ecosystem, with options like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, AOSP Extended etc etc. But for that, you need to unlock the bootloader on your phone and root it. You can look up XDA Developers for various ROMS for your phone.

Click on this link to learn how to unlock your phone.

3. A GPS Unit

Instead of spending a dime on a spanking new GPS Unit for your car or a brand new GPS computer for your bicycle or motorbike, your old phone can come in handy in situations like this.

Just have an old data-capable SIM card for your phone and Google Maps is ready at your beck and call. If that doesn’t work out, there are several apps that provide offline navigation such as maps.me and HERE Maps where in, you can select the area specific to your needs and download the map for that area alone. Now, you can have anytime navigation without the worry of data to be available.

Just buy a car mount or bike mount from Amazon, Flipkart or whatever strikes your fancy, install one of the apps mentioned above and you are ready to go on an exciting adventure.

4. A Jukebox

You have a phone full of your favorite songs and you have a booming speaker setup waiting to be used to it’s full capacity? Then the jukebox option is the route for you.

Just install any good music app like Google Play Music, Blackplayer etc if you’re on Android and have a SD Card or internal storage full of songs and hook it up to your speaker setup however you wish. You can even use it in your car as your personal jukebox using Bluetooth or an Aux cable.

You don’t have a phone full of songs, but the idea sounds exciting to you? Just get a Spotify, Pandora, Saavn, Gaana, Amazon Music or Apple Music for your phone. You can have a variety of songs at the click of the play button. If you have a Amazon Fire TV Stick or if your TV supports mirroring or has screening capabilities, then you can utilize the speakers in your TV for a much more fulfilling music experience.

If nothing else, just have a decent pair of Bluetooth speakers and headphones and a phone filled with songs so that you can use it if and when you want to concentrate or if you’re on a run, those headphones and that phone will come in handy.

5. A Fitness Tracker

The idea of a fitness tracker strikes anyone’s fancy. While you can splurge a dime on a Fitbit or a Garmin, for the budget conscious or for the occasional fitness freak, a phone as a fitness tracker just makes perfect sense.

While it won’t track your heart rate and all, install Strava on your phone and you have a fitness tracker at the palm of your hand. Strava can track distance, speed and calories burned whether you’re running, cycling or swimming and that’s adequate enough for most people. You can subscribe to their Summit program if you wish to do so.

If that don’t work, you can install apps that have built in timers for HIIT or gym sessions so that you can workout without any disturbance.

6. An Alarm Clock

This is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just leave it here.

7. A Remote

This one works if you have an IR Blaster built into your phone.

With just the right app, you can use the IR Blaster in your phone to control your TV, Phone, Air Conditioner or just about anything. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and your remote decided to die on you, you can use the Fire TV app and control your TV.

8. A Security Camera

If all else fails, then you can re-purpose your old phone into a security camera so that you can keep a watchful eye on your child or dog or cat…You get my drift.

With just the right set of apps, you can connect to your phone from your office or anywhere and monitor the state of your house for any unwanted activities. 

That’s all I have for today.