From Hell to Purgatory

He still remembers it vividly; it happened not a month ago

A end of a personal job and walking towards home

The flight of stairs weren’t deceiving by any means, for it was used well

But fate must have had other plans for him; no other explanation

It happened in the fraction of a second; these events always do

A trip on the flight of stairs is never a pleasant one, more so from high

A broken leg and an angry mind was the consolation prize

For it would torpedo plans that were carefully laid

“Three weeks of rest”, the doctor decreed with a plain tone

A silver lining in the cloud; for there was only one

Writing and reading were the only solace; nothing more

To a tortured and weary soul, bereft of movement and work

He likened his torture to hell, a touch dramatic, but hell it was

Hell must have liked to see him in that thick cast

For the torture continued for two more weeks; no dice

Writing and reading became his only solace until then

The cast was finally removed; hell had enough

‘Twas a strange sensation, feeling his feet on the ground

Like a baby learning to walk for the first time, it was

Relief engulfed him, for he was able to walk again

Dante walked from hell to purgatory, the same for him

The leg stiffened from the trip it had suffered; unforeseen it was

So he waits for the day he can stretch his wings freely

As he once upon a time did, ignorant and blissful