Chaos King

The Chaos King lay astride on his throne, quite arrogantly

He feigned ignorance outwards; but quite scared he was inwards

His carefully laid castle of cards could come tumbling down any moment

And that wasn’t good news for the King of Chaos; it truly wasn’t

He used all resources on hand to discredit the chaos dangerous to him

He even gave his own word that his ascension was fair and just

But his supporters, that once would have fell armies for their king

Began to doubt his claims to the throne, farfetched as it seemed

He remembers his collusion with his ally, an enemy of the state

The ally gave his word that he would be safe from any accusation

As long as the Chaos King lent his subservience to this ally of his

The Chaos King had the support of the people; he was good at manipulation

He toured the length of the country, making promises that seemed achievable

Half of the country loved him, while the other half of it despised him

The half that loved him was attracted to his demeanor, like bees to a flower

They believed he would make their nation great again; farfetched as it seemed

Justice must be blind, for it’s judgement must be fair and just to all

And justice was on the tail of the King of Chaos, for it suspected foul play

One by one, the king’s pieces were being knocked off the chess board

His ally, trustworthy once, didn’t lend a ear to his troubles lest it affect them

All that remained of the board was just the King of Chaos and an army

An army led by a white knight; a staunch devotee to justice and it’s teachings

The Chaos King was lay astride on his throne; quite arrogantly

He believed that he wouldn’t be dethroned; farfetched as it seemed