The Indian Love Story

It begins like every other love story; all over the world

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy

Boy tries to woo girl, girl falls for his antics; the reverse happens rarely

Finally comes the day when they propose to their significant other

“Yes”, comes the reply; Both would be at the metaphorical top of the moon

And so begins a time of love, courtship and romance; blissful and romantic

Pay attention, dear readers; for this is where the similarities end

This is where the Indian love story, a psychotic case, divulges and mends

Most Indian parents are a hypocritical lot; I say most of them

They won’t mind the Rajs and Simrans in movies falling in love

But should their kids fall in love, hell would be more lenient than them

Utensils will fly, slaps will be registered and parents break down

Like their kids committed the crime of the century; It’s just love

Then comes questions that the lovebirds don’t think to question about

Religion, Caste, Money, Status; things so fleeting become important

Life’s a drama and we it’s actors; how so true of the Indian Love Story

The Indian Love story can have multiple endings; that’s the nature of it

Some times the love story will be validated and becomes marriage

Some times the love story suffers a feeble end by the lovers themselves

Some times the love story ends in a couple eloping and the families at war

Some times the love story ends in a gruesome murder, in the name of honor

Some times the love story suffers a terrible sentence at the hands of caste

Some times the love story can have a happy ending; some times not

For that is the nature of the mercurial drama that is the Indian Love Story