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Hope is a fickle thing; for it truly is

Solid at one moment, fleeting the next

People talk tall tales about hope

When inside they truly know that

Hope is fleeting; easily broken in most

Some people hold out hope for the best

An admirable position; if slightly foolish

To a pessimist who knows of no hope

Hope is a funny thing; for it truly is

Making people perform acts above and beyond

What is possible of them; they truly try

The people that do try, hold to their hopes

The people that don’t try, dash their hopes

In the end, it all comes down to trying

Something that all can do, but results vary

To a pessimist who knows of no hope

Hope is a cruel thing; for it truly is

As one person said to another, a hopeful sort

Hope holds out the best for those who believe

But when all hopes are dashed and left to waste

What hope is there left to hold on to? He asks so

He sees people who truly hope for the best

And yearns he, for the time that he too hoped

Hoped that all would work out well in the end


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