New Year’s Resolutions

Twas the eve of 2018, when he took a vow

A vow that he would end this year with a bow

“Next year will be mine”, shouted he with confidence

As he had been doing for the past 4 years or so

Then again, who doesn’t do so every New Year?

As was customary for every New Year’s Eve

Wishes, Resolutions, Lists and what have you

Every New Year’s Eve starts and ends as such

Hope is a fickle thing; I’ve harped on it before

But there’s something about the birth of a New Year

Hopes and Dreams run abound like wild dogs

One can’t help, but feel a sense of hope renewed

People down on their luck await the new year

For the belief of a new start on a new year

Is something that even the most pessimistic

Wouldn’t wish to dash, for even cynics do dream

Twas the morning of 2019, when he took a vow

A vow to hit the gym hard and lose weight

The standard New Year’s vow for most people

Whether that vow is dropped in a week or month

Is highly irrelevant in the face of the hope anew

One does hope for a better future for oneself

Even the most bitter, the cynical and the pessimistic

Every New Year’s morning starts as such.