A New Year

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I’ve decided to do something different with this post.

First of all, Happy New Year to you, dear readers!!

It’s a New Year. Hip, hip, hooray and all aside, there comes a moment in life when you’re clutching at straws. You know that feeling.

That gnawing feeling that you’re not doing what you should be doing to improve your life. That feeling when your internal compass is going haywire.

I’m currently at that phase in my life.

But these New Years do have some effect on most people, wishing to start their life anew and regain control of their lives to a degree. I too want to start anew, but I’m at a loss as to where to start.

Then I remembered you, dear readers. The cornerstone of this blog’s existence.

What are you planning to do anew this new year? How do you want to define yourself in 2019? Your answers would very much help this rudderless boat at sea.

Sound off in the comments below,guys!!