The Blind Pianist

The pianist sat with a poise expected of one; graceful and composed His fingers gliding across the grand piano effortlessly, music to many ears The piece he was playing was a favorite of his, among many others The notes played circles around the audience; they sat in thrall The melody gliding like a eagle in … Continue reading The Blind Pianist


First Love

Image courtesy: Wave Music He still remembers the first time he saw her; most people do A slight flutter in his heart and an invisible voice dictating his actions As was par for the case; this was first love after all "She be the one", his inner Enrique decided; nary a thought else He couldn't … Continue reading First Love

Final Moments

12.30 PM "Aw shit!!Still have one question left to finish!!Come on,you stupid hands,write faster!!!",thought the student..Just this one exam and he will be free for some time..This will be his final paper as an engineering graduate. 12.50 PM "Almost there!!Just a few more sentences..Brain of mine,don't fail me now!!",in the final moments of the exams,the … Continue reading Final Moments